Value of Love

Generations unfold, father to son, mother to daughter. Where one leaves off, the other follows, destined to repeat each other mistakes, each others triumphs. But, how do we see the world if not through their lens? The same fears, the same desires. Do we see them as an example to follow or as a warning of what to avoid? Choosing to live as they have simply because it is all what we know or driven to create our own identity?And what happens if we find them to be a disappointment? Can we replace them? Our beloved mothers and fathers. Will destiny drive us to find our way back? Back to familiar comforts of home?


I sat there, for how long it doesn’t seem to matter. There I was, staring at the blank pages before me. An old laptop where I usually find to be more than a companion. Wondering how to speak these unspoken words, how to express these unwritten thoughts? But most importantly where to start this deep memory that stretches far beyond than the eyes can meet. As I rubbed my eyes to shake the drowsiness away, the eyes peeked through the dirty window, only to see dark gloomy clouds gathering high above the sky. Drops of rain tapped right across the dirty window. Showering those little plants in the courtyard in the process. There I saw, those little kittens playing before quickly rushed to their mother in their haste to avoid those harmless raindrops. They seek comfort and safety in rainy, troubled days in their parent. That was it! I was seeking somewhere far away, but it was right there all along. Right in front of my eyes.


Parents are such an important force in our lives. Whether they are near or far, whether you hate or love them, you are who you are today because of them. As I look through the old pictures stored in a box filled with memories, a sort of longing unearthed. Some may see it as sentimental values but the way I see it, it is a treasure to hold for. A picture of the loved ones. How I wish to be there with them now. Laughing and talking through difficult times. A picture speaks a thousand words. Why is it that as we grow up, it is more and more difficult for a family gathering like the times when we were younger? Has time changed or have we changed?

I still remember, the day we started school in England. My sister, little brother and I can barely speak English then. All we knew were “Yes, No and Yes”. Well, I and my brother learnt something a bit more complex. And he used it to great effect. The first day of school, (he was in Reception which is a preschool class for 5 years old) he made my father wait for him outside class for the whole day! He regularly checked on my father by asking the teacher, “Can I go to the toilet, please?” which he memorized the night before. He would go every five minutes until the teacher got suspicious, and promptly asked my father to return home. And of course when my little brother found out, he cried and keeps crying until he can see my father. My father didn’t leave but waited in a different place. So, what made him wait that day? Of course he had some other important things to do, but the love for his child was more important to him then.


No matter what we do, can we match the efforts put in by our parents in raising us up? Do you still remember when our napkins were wet and we started to cry? No words could be said but just high-pitched crying to tell them that the napkins needed changing. How did they know? Do you still remember when there wasn’t enough food in the house for second helpings? We said that we were still hungry and our parents just give their portion to us without second thoughts? Weren’t they hungry too then? Do you still remember when we wanted to buy new clothes and new books and they couldn’t afford to buy all those things? But, in the end, they still bought those stuffs for us. How did they do it?

Times flies past, and another just came without us realizing it. As the whizzing cycle of life continues to spin, rarely do we stop to reflect on the sacrifices made in creating for what we have become today. As we grow more matured, they are caught up with age. An age in need for us to repay them back. Why is it so hard for us to care for them like they did for us? As the papers today have proven time and time again, 5 children aren’t capable of taking care of even just one parent! But how did they manage to take care of all those children then? Are they superhumans that can do all the jobs all in one where we are just hapless being?

For what its worth, cherish them, and tell them, I LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU! May our loved ones feel the love that is inside us. Do whatever you may to please them. If they like flowers, surprise them with plant pot, or if they like reading books, offer them with a book from their favourite author. Or just spend time listening and talking to them. They don’t ask us for much. Showing love to them is what they seek.

p/s: Also watch this video. (Click here)

p/p/s: Hapy Mother and Fathers day everyday 🙂

Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

19 thoughts on “Value of Love”

    1. Salam,
      Hai Syahidah 🙂
      How r u? I’m very sorry coz I havent updated this blog in a while. Its juz that Ive been so busy lately with this new place n all. With reports and even have night classes.huhu.
      Nway, thanx for reading my writings. Hope u like it?

      Yup, we are who we are today because of them. No matter what, we have to support n love them and always try to make them happy.
      I miss my childhood days. Where things were simple and if there is a problem u can always tell about it to ur parents rite?

  1. Assalamualaikum…
    I’m very touched and almost cry especially when i read the 5th paragraph.This entry makes me recalls my childhood.Anyway two thumbs up for this entry.

    p/s:I’ve experienced almost the same thing like your little brother when I was standard 1.

    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Hai `Atiqah. 🙂
      How r u? Its been a while since I last heard from u.

      Im glad u felt the way u did.Yup,I almost cried too myself! huhu. Our childhood days are long gone, but the memories is with us forever. When we were children, the world was big and free with no problems. It is because our parents took good care of us. Its just we didnt know it then. Now, it all comes to make sense as we grow older.

      Please share with us about ur story. U also made ur father wait for u outside class the whole day? How long did it last for?(the whole year?hehe)

  2. the story about me is took me nearly two weeks to adapt to the new surrounding..but my father was there all along 4 me..i love my parents n family..

    1. Salam bro,

      How r u? Dgr cite nanti nak gi England skali?hehe.

      Tu r, bile teringat balik cam klakar r plak kn.hehe. Nway, I could understand, I was also sad and afraid on my first day of school as well. I could still remember dad asking my teacher was I was like on the first day of school. And she said, that I kept looking at the window and was really quite throughout the day. Huhu.
      I guess it must be really hard for you as well, because before that u havent even gone to any school yet, rite?

      I love out family too. Take care bro. All da best and goodluck in whatever you do. Hope to see u soon. 🙂

  3. Very touching entry.
    Almost made me cry.Huhuhu..
    Looking things from a parents view…I wish I can do the same as your parents did to u.

  4. Salam Yeh…
    Lama jugak Yeh tak menulis… dan lama jugak kak su tak menjengok laman ni. Abih tu, kadang bila masuk, tak de pun catatan dari Yeh… ingatkan dah nak bersara jadi blogger…

    Setiap org punya kenangan istimewa dgn ibu dan ayah. Kak su juga sama….
    Tapi masa sekolah dulu, kak su tak perlu ditunggu. Berdikari kononnya… Seronok bila dibiarkan bebas membuktikan keupayaan diri. Ye lah… kecik-kecik dulu anak manja… org kampung pulak tu, mmg setiap langkah perlu dilaporkan pd mak dan ayah…

  5. ur entry made me wonder..
    will i be able to take care of my parents as they had taken care of me?

    will try my best, insyaALlah…

    nice entry btw.. May Allah bless u.

  6. gembirakanlah selalu hati ibubapa selagi mereka masih ada..ibu kandung dengan ibu tiri tu lain kasih sayang dia..pepun,ibu tiri tetap ibu yang wajib dipatuhi..
    i like the attached songs actually..hehe..

  7. Assalamualaikum wbt,idris.
    Salam kunjungan ke 2 untuk meninggalkan sedikit pesan buat diri dan semua.

    Kepada semua pembaca budiman, semoga kalian semua bergelar anak-anak yang soleh,juga buat diri dan penulis.

    (link nasyid anak soleh-videonya biasa,tapi liriknya menarik,teringat kembali waktu nasyid masa budak2 dulu,pasti penulis juga ada menyimpan kisah trsendiri)
    Juga saya hadiahkan link ini,
    Ingatan buat seorang ayah.Ana kerap menitis air mata mendengar lagu ini.moga ada kebaikan pada perkongsian ini.

    (juga ana muatkan di blog ana setelah terkesan berkunjung kesini)

    juga link ini.( isi yang terkandung dalam videonya.

    Osekare di pdang bola.moga memberi kekuatan berjuang di medan belajar dan dakwah pula.:)

  8. huhu..teringat masa zaman kecik2 dulu. Selalu prasangka dengan ibu bapa. Selalu rasa macam tak disayangi. Maklumla, time tu fikiran pun belum matang. Now, I regret sebab pernah rasa macam tu dulu. huhu

    I also love my parents too 🙂

  9. Yeh..this ani- fami’s wife ..hehe ; balik blogging eh, nice!..nway, sowi for late reply regarding ur question psl nak letak batch maahad tu kan..blogspot lain dr wordpress, I penah buat kat wordpress, tp tak reti..kalu ikot blogspot, ade url link ke mane2 web yg kite nak so sgt2 sng.. alah yeh..takyah letak batch maahad kat blog pon takpe, biar kekal di hati..ceewah ;P..nway..all d best yeh in everything you do. im going back to Japan this november kalau takde aral melintang, InsyaAllah.. :)..rindu kat fami laa, heh.. :B

  10. do good to them before it’s too late. for all does studying abroad, i advice you to at least return home once a year, so that you may meet them. because you will never know when Allah will take them away from us forever. 🙂

  11. Salam yeh…

    This is it!
    This is what I’ve been trying to express all this time!
    What a great thing to write this and express all those appreciation, while reminding all of us too…
    thank u
    and thank Allah for giving me a great family.

  12. A beautiful post Idris. A great reminder for me to be thankful of the family that Allah has blessed me with.

    Kamu bila nak publishkan buku ni?

    p/s: The video..sangat betul! I pray that I will be a good parent one day.Insha’Allah

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