The Colonised Effect

With the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II, it sparked mixed reaction across the spectrum. Some mourn the loss of an enigmatic Queen, others happy at the end of the symbol of tyranny. To note, although the current monarch many not hold the ultimate power or say on the country’s politics as it once used to, the Queen has never apologised nor regretted the actions done under her name.

It is difficult to fathom, that the people whose land were colonised and stripped of its wealth, whose forefathers killed for wanting to be free in the land of their ancestors, then suddenly the generations of today, look up to the head of the coloniser with awe and mourn at their leader’s death. Are we truly free? Or these mindset, still longed to be ruled by a foreign entity? Or are they the benefactors of the colonisation of hundred of years, repaying with loyalty and showing gratitute?

This year marks the 65th Independence Day for Malaysia. Freedom for 65 years of self-rule from the last foreign coloniser. Many nations across the globe have similar stories and timelines. Independence wasn’t achieved by luck or handed back to us on a plate, but rather with tears, blood and even with the lives of our ancestors. Therefore, their struggle and sacrifices then, we as the free-generation needs to remember.But are we really fully independent?

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  • Spiritually and mentally – inferiority complex paradigm

Our ancestors were physically colonised, but held a spiritual freedom evident through their freedom struggles. In contrast, today we are physically free, but seems to have a mental chain be put upon us. Long gone are the last British and Japanese ships, but their impacts are still felt today. Dependent on foreigners to tell us what to do, how to behave and sometimes even how to act. Yet, when one of our own, brought the torch, it is always frowned and ridiculed upon.

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Yet, the true essence of independence is to move from being a servant of man to being a true servant of the Most-High. This was the essence and backbone of the independence struggle.

  • Reference in History

If we look at how the early Muslims dealt with the coloniser superpower, how they were mentally and spiritually free and not have the inferiority baggage. This is epitomed by the famous incident between the Commander-in-chief of the Sassanid empire, Rustam with a mere low ranking Caliphate ambassador, Rabi’ bin Amir (r.a.). Nevertheless, he has the freedom of mind and his conscience was clear empowered by his unwavering belief.

Rustam said, “Start speaking.” Rabi’ started:

“Allah has sent us a prophet to save the people He wishes from worshipping people and to make them worship Him, to save people from the troubles of the world and to enable them to feel tranquil, to save them from the oppression of wrong religions and to enable them to attain the justice of Islam. If you accept Islam, you will become like us and we will return. If you do not accept Islam, we will fight you until we attain what Allah promised. (Link)

Hayatus-Sahaba, 1: 157, Muhammad Yusof al-kandahlawi

However, the Arabs were never a conquered people. One of the reason, they were quick to arise without the baggage of a conquered mind. To remove the inferior mindset would require time and effort. Remember when the Israelites were saved from the tyrant Pharaoh, when they were saved through the miracle of the separation of the Red Sea. Upon reaching to safety, they met with a imposing Amalekites people. The Israelites (Muslims of the time) saw then the Amalekites worshipping statues. They were compelled to ask the Prophet Moses to make them a similar idol to worship.

Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 138

In hindsight, take a moment to reflect and ponder. What state of mind were they in to have asked that blasphemous request on the back of being shown one of the greatest miracle with their own two eyes. It is a true mind boggling humbling reality of a chained-inferior mindset.

To be truly free, we must first remove the shackles of a colonised mindset, and live life based on the teachings and fundamentals of what God has ordained us. This is the basis of freedom fighters and what our ancestors struggled and strive upon. Then, we will see the rise of a true Golden Age on the back of the sweat and blood of the likes of Mat Kilau, Dato Bahaman, Abdul Rahman Limbong and so many others.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia.

Idris Mahzan

Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

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