Sakura’s Beauty


A bright gaze, as blank and menacing as the Sun but yet gracefully shone right across the dark, damp earth. Forcefully it shrinks the whitish snow only to reveal the green flowers that lay patiently beneath. The blue sky, accompanied by scattered white clouds paints the perfect picture. The mild wind brushes along the skin and kisses the leaves to grow. The air is fragrant filled with the smell of beautiful young flowers growing. Spring is in the air! Winters difficulties are quickly forgotten by the renewed hope that spring can offer. Spring brings new hope and also brings warmer weather, beautiful flowers, leaves on the trees, fresh air and the sounds of children playing outside. March brings April flowers.

Yellow Daffodils
Yellow Daffodils

While bright yellow daffodils greet the English and tulip’s sparkling colors with the Dutch, it is the legendary Sakura that play the roles in the Far East. The Sakura is adored and revered to be the most beautiful of its kind. Japanese especially would flock in their masses to watch the tree blossom. It is a sign of the coming of spring. It is the symbol of a new life, a new hope perhaps. A quiet park would turn into a singing ground in their eagerness to welcome the coming of Sakuras. Everywhere we turn to, beautiful pale of pink flowers dresses up the streets. A sense of joy could be felt all around.

A scene from the Yukyuzan Park

Japan, the motherland of Sakura, acknowledges the importance of it in all ways of life. The school and working calendar all starts in the beginning of April which coincides with the blossoming of the Sakura tree. I can still relive the moments of when I first came here to Japan. It was the first of many activities held for the foreign students studying here. We were taken to see the cherry blossom in the Yukyuzan Park which was really famous here. It would be like a mass celebration with people coming busses after busses to see the beauty of the flower. They all wanted to see just one tree, which was the Sakura tree. It is true because there weren’t any other flowers in that park!

Sakura at Night

But why was Sakura so important to the Japanese people? They even use the Sakura to make tea during this season! Call it Sakura’s special tea if you like. Haven’t you ever wandered why? They were celebrating like Muslims would celebrate Eid and Christians would with Christmas.

Recently my Uncle asked me,

Yeh, Why is the Sakura so special for the Japanese?

And I said, its because its very beautiful and can only last for about 2-3 weeks at most. If you ever have seen it I’m sure you would agree with me about the beauty of it.

He replied,  Yes, its true but what is the meaning behind the Sakura? And I started to think but didn’t realize it at that time….

Sakura is not just any other flower to the Japanese. It is of the utmost importance to them. Seniors would greet juniors under the Sakura tree, Managers would treat workers under it. So it must have an importance doesn’t it? The Sakura brought a new whole different perspective to how I see it. The Sakura is elegant and beautiful and yet, its life is regrettably short. The way I see it, the Sakura is telling us, that our lives are so short too, but we have to live a good and satisfying life. Even though the Sakura’s life is short, but thousands if not millions of people worldwide flock to see the beauty of it, its short life is truly to be endeavored for. On the contrary, a weed for instance, it lives a long life, but people just walk pass it as if it weren’t there. What is the point if we live the life that’s hollow inside? With each ticking time that passes by, lets make it purposeful. Why is it that Julius Cesar conquered the world? Why is it Einstein created those genius formulas? Why is it all those Islamic khalifahs strived to be the best in their respective fields? And what about Hang Tuah, the Malay hero as it is touted to be! What do they even have in common?

By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy. Qur’an (103:1-3)

They all made do with short lives and be the best at what theyre good at! Only then, will people appreciate for who we really are in this world. If youre lucky enough, generations after generations will study your feat that was achieved. Textbooks everywhere will have your name on it. That would be a real icing on the cake wouldn’t it?

Narrated Abdullah Bin Mas`ud Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said:         “A man shall be asked concerning five things on the day of resurrection: concerning his life, how he spent it; concerning his youth, how he grew old; concerning his wealth, whence he acquired it, and in what way he spent it; and what was it that he did with the knowledge that he had.”

Life is too short to hesitate, make do what we have and go for the best. Time is of the essence.We deserve to be better. We also can be like the Sakura.


p/s: For further info on hanami you can click here.

Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

49 thoughts on “Sakura’s Beauty”

  1. Salam’alaikum Idris

    Subhanallah feels like I can actually experience the sakura viewing all the way from the UK 😉

    Lama tak mendengar khabar. Hope everything is fine on your side of the planet. I’m doing fine alhamdulillah cuma homework makin bertimbun huhu.

  2. Reply for MuNsYi-SaMa,

    Salam bro 🙂
    How r u? Sorry for its been a while since my last entry.
    Please do visit Japan sometime.I’ll be here for another 2 years iA. Though I’ll be living in Hokkaido starting next week. Its been pretty hectic these last two months.

    Sakura is just something we appreciate but sometimes doesnt see what it is saying to us. All of His Creations all have a purpose. It is up to us how we ralate them to us rite?

    p/s: Seeing the sakura blossom is called Hanami in Japanese.

    Reply for xera,

    Salam. Hai xera:)
    Wah..Kuat tul angin tiup smpai boley bau sakura smpai ke sane.hehe.
    Besenye sakura akan mule2 muncul dari kawasan bawah (Okinawa) hinggala ke utara (Hokkaido).
    Maybe tahun ni stat dari Mesia kot kn? hehe.

  3. Assalamualaikum…

    havt’nt been to ur page for a while too.. btw… a very nice entry indeed.

    i love the way u link a simple (yet a very well loved) flower to life itself. Yup… life is short, so we’ve got to take the best out of it and give the best to it…

    wish i am able to see sakura bloom sometimes.. may i get the chance to visit Japan at spring one day..

    and keep writing! (^_~)

  4. Salam, I like your writing and how you describe things. Sakura must be very beutiful, I wish I could see it with my own bare eyes and touch it one day.

    Keep writing, bro. Thanks for visiting my site.

  5. salam..

    ogenkidesuka? =) long time no see..

    Sakura memang cantik dan penuh erti kan? Saya pernah buat entry yang sama pasal sakura di blog saya dulu. Macam revision balik je balik entry nih..

    btw, sakura ada di JOrdan tau tapi takdelah sampai serimbun sekebun macam kat jepun. Tapi still it is really awesome to see them! Memang suka sangat-sangat dengan sakura~

  6. Yeh, sotsugyou omedetou gozaimasu~ Daigaku de ganbatte kudasai ne 🙂

    Mesti setip entri yeh ambil masa yang lama untuk karang kan… very inspirational…

  7. salam…lama tak nampak..

    I’m fine..hehe

    bdw, ur explanation about the relation between sakura and our life quite simple but meaningful. Life like Sakura. Short but full happiness right? I like sakura. Tapi kat Malaysia ni tak ada pulak, tiruan punya ada la..hihi

    eh, tak sangka pulak orang guna sakura untuk buat teh. Sedap ke? Ke rasa dia lebih kurang Teh Hijau Jepun?

    p/s: Cantik permandangan waktu malam tu.

    p/ss: Kebetulan, my profile pict also with sakura (err..tapi tiruan punya.hehehe)

  8. Salam yeh.
    Returning your visit ;p
    Yes, it’s been a while. And i’m fine, alhamdulillah. A little bit tight recently.How bout you?

    I love flowers so i learn some of their language like the peonies- The power to keep secret, Yellow tulips -hopeless love and devotion, Anemones- abandonment and several others, but i miss out the Sakura.

    And though u didn’t state out their true meaning, but the way u describe them makes me know them a little bit much then others.Really wish i could hold them and watch them falling for real. 😉

  9. Reply for Aqil,

    Salam’alaikum Aqilah 🙂

    ..feels like I can actually experience the sakura viewing all the way from the UK 😉

    Wow.I really do hope so you will have the chance to come over here someday iA. The ‘Hanami’ is the highlight of spring I guess. I also love the spring in the UK. Its full of beautiful flowers. The park is just the place to be isnt it? Has the flowers grown yet over there? I miss the UK.huhu.

    Erm,tu r. Sorry sangat2 coz lame sangat xaktif lately. Everything is fine but its been really hectic these past 2 months. I have made a few articles including one about my birthday but I decided not to. (Too bad coz I had been wanting to post it for some time now.)
    After the exams, I had to finish my research work and had the graduation n all. Plus I’ll be furthering my studies in Hokkaido starting next week. Wish me luck ye for the new life over there.
    Sorry I got a bit carried away about me. So, skang ni dah year bape kat sane? Homework is just a way to help us understand better in our studies kn? Ganbatte ye Aqilah 🙂 Wish u all da best in whatever u do..
    U also can be like the Sakura kn? 🙂

  10. Reply for princess,

    Salam 🙂
    How r u?
    Thanks. I’m glad you liked it a lot.(Tgh tersenyum lebar ni..) The very reason I write is because so dat I can share with all of u through my eyes. And hopefully u’ll also share ur thoughts n views with me. Thats the satisfying part in writing isnt it?

    betul ke yg org jepun use the sakura to make tea?agak2 camnelah rase die

    Yup,dorang punyela suke sgt kat Sakura smpai ade yg wat tea tu.Tea jepun ni len sket dari mesia. Smpai skang pun cam xbape suke. Klu teh kat Mesia kan cam manis sesedap rase kn, kat cni cam pahit r ase die. Ntah nape org jepun suke. Ish2.haha. Ntah, ase teh sakura tu ase sakura kot.. :p Penah try last year.

    Thanks for the support ye. I’ll be needing it. I’ll try my best to not keep my next post for too long iA.

    Reply for Kak Izzah

    Salam Kak 🙂
    Sorry to have kept u waiting for my next post for so long. I’ve been meaning to post a few articles but hadnt had the time to actually finish it. Life have been pretty hectic lately. I’ve just graduated and will be moving to Hokkaido next week. I’ve not even finished packing yet.haha.

    Please do come by always ye. I’ll try to keep posting as frequently as possible from now on. (berazam tu..hehe)

    So,do u like flowers? Which do u prefer, the Sakura or the tulip? I used to really like the tulips coz of its bright colours.

    Hope to hear from u soon.

  11. assalmualaikum..
    it’s a great entry.
    life is so short.hope that we can be like sakura tree in yukyuzan park.seems like this year you’ll going to have hanami in hokkaido.

    p/s:anda ditag.sila ke blog saya untuk melunaskan tag saya ^_^

  12. Salam TheDreamer…

    Nice come back entry. Sakura, huh? Yeah, am also used to wonder about this Sakura flower and why is it being adored so mucg by the Japanese, though not really interested enough to find the answer. I don’t know that this Sakura has that too short a life? Anyway, you’re right, it’s not that how much times we have left, but what we do in that short of time of our lives. Like Sakura, we sure have our own purpose too, but we’re just too lazy to ever realize the purpose ourself, haha… like for example, me!

    P/s: We do have some tree here though that looks REALLY like Sakura but it’s white, rather than pinky. I don’t know if it will turn into pink sometimes. It’s rare though and its especially grow in the psychology hospital garden located behind our hostel. We took some pictures with it (cuz we’re glad that we have something like sakura too, here in Ukraine, hehe).

  13. Salam..laman ni memang jarang ada entri baru..tapi jalan cerita..fuh..bisa buat orang nak baca banyak kali la en idris..haha..skema tol..kelihatan seperti kawan-kawan yang belajar di luar negara ni nampak semuanya indah..hmm..kalian sahajalah yang tahu apa yang terpaksa dilalui..tapi serius ni..menarik entri ni..rajin-rajinlah post ya!..cerita bunga2 ni haruslah saya baca kan..oh tak mahu pulang ke malaysia lagi..bagus2..belajar ilmu di sana banyak2..moga ada manfaat buat Malaysia satu hari nanti..tahniah dapat sambung lagi..wassalam

  14. Assalamualaikum wbt

    alhamdulillah, I’m great actly, just quite busy these days as the exams is around d corner. I’ll finish in less than 2 years insyaAllah…how bout u?

    I used to think ‘hanami’ is weird coz I cant imagine people in msia to sit down under the trees just to watch the flowers blossom. But that was in a 10 year old girl’s mind (who knows hanami from ‘Doraemon’)which now had developed n she realizes that u need to appreciate everything, when u have it or not, whether u like it or not. Even we dont have sakura here in Msia, we r proud with our Rafflesia despite it’s smell, it is the biggest and one of the most unique flowers in the world.
    As for Sakura, i do fell in love with the scent as I recognize it from the Body Shop perfume products. I dont know how similar it is with the real one, but I’m sure it will take my breath away. How great n beautiful Allah’s creations are in this world, how much more amazing then what we’ll see in the hereafter. InsyaAllah!

    p/s: what a great article!

  15. Reply for Humayra,

    Assalamualaikum 🙂 How r u?

    wish i am able to see sakura bloom sometimes.. may i get the chance to visit Japan at spring one day..

    InsyaAllah u’ll get ur chance to witness the beauty of it with ur own eyes. Sakura only blossoms during this season(early april) every year. Otherwise it’ll be just another tree like the ones in Mesia.hehe.

    Yup, life is so short. We wake up everyday looking ahead that sometimes we just forget to stop and look behind and wonder.Wonder what have we achieved during our time here? Only then we realize and learn to appreciate life with every breath we take. Live life to the fullest is whats important isnt it?

    InsyaAllah I’ll keep writing more in the future. Sorry for not updating this blog as often as the others. But I hope it wouldn’t keep u away from visiting rite? Thanks for the visit 🙂

    Reply for Nafastari,

    Salam 🙂
    Thanks for coming by. I’ll try n visit ur blog from time to time iA.

    Sakura is very beautiful indeed. Even though I’m not really into flowers n all but i must admit the sakura is something special. If u get the chance to come here during the season then u can see it everywhere. The tree is all over the place over here.

  16. Reply for ainul arina,

    Salam 🙂
    Bokuwa genkidesu 🙂 Kimi wa dou?(And how bout you?)

    Yup. Behind the beauty of the Sakura, there’s a lot of things that we can learn. I’ve just written about it they way I see it. Maybe other people see it differently maybe. There are a lot of aspects/angles that we can view it from. Isnt that so? camne pula pandangan arina?

    Wow. U’ve also written about sakura? I’ve gotta read it:) Can u share ur link here if its okey?hehe. Looking forward to reading it very much 🙂

    I didnt know Jordan have sakura too? 🙂 Skang ni kat sane pun dah spring ke ye? Sakura pun mesti dah nak blossom kn? Org Jordan pun ade culture gi tgk bunga Sakura gak ke? (Banyak plak soalan tibe2..hehe.)

    Hope to hear from u again soon. Tke care.

    Reply for Inda,

    Salam Kak Inda 🙂
    How r u? Thanks ye. Time hari sotsugyou tu ade juga bercampur gembira n sedih. Teringat balik jalan yg agak berliku untuk dapat grad dari sini. Saigo made ganbarou ne! 🙂
    InsyaAllah pasni akan berusaha lebih keras di Daigaku. 🙂

    Mesti setip entri yeh ambil masa yang lama untuk karang kan… very inspirational…

    Well, actually most of the articles that I wrote took just about 30-40 mins. It is just that sometimes I am a bit hard to have the time to actually write n focus on it.Haha. N most of the time I just wrote it in one go. So, sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes. I tend to check it later after I have published it. Huhu. Nway, I’ll try to improve on my writing and will try harder to focus n write more frequently. 🙂

    p/s: Malam ni yeh da nak gerak gi Hokkaido nek feri. lebey kurang 20 jam baru sampai Muroran. Hopefully I’ll have a safe journey r kn. C u soon. Take care Kak Inda. 🙂

  17. salam yeh…
    baru tahu kelebihan dan keunikan pokok sakura..
    bukan ja ad bunga yg cantik…
    nanti nak satu bung sakura boleh?

  18. khabarnya baik aja..

    sakura? para-para sakura hehe..
    saya ada ambil gambar di UUM hari tu dan letak di FS..ramai yang sangka saya di Jepun. sebabnya, bunga tu macam sakura, memang cantik..tapi bukan sakura betul la, sakuri kot namanya ;p

    anyway, rakyat Jepun menghargai bunga mereka sampai ke tahap itu sekali.rayat malaysia, tengok bunga raya pun buat dek je..macam mana tu? mungkin kalau limited macam sakura baru akan dihargai kot..

  19. Jangan nanti terpk nak letak nama anak Siti Sakura dah…hehe

    Keep it up bro…gud writing…nice pics…klu bleh letak skali gambo aweks2 jpoon yg comel tu…haha…jgn sep!

  20. salam yeh!

    hope things are going on great there. i dont recall seeing a sakura before but I guess it must’ve been really pretty seeing one 🙂 here in the states, im more obsessed with tulips. mashaAllah sangat cantik! and referring to ur comment on how short a sakura lifespan is, it’s the same thing with tulips too! once the tulips’ festival started, u gotta be quick before they’re all gone along with the coming of summer~

    The whole reflections from flower thing kinda remind us of Sonnet 18 from Shakespeare, don’t they?

    Great reflection on His creation. I guess as we continue to live, we continue to learn 🙂

  21. Reply for MuNsYi-SaMa,

    Salam bro 🙂

    Insya Allah..By 2011,after I done with my degree here..

    Owh ur planning to come here as a graduation vacation ye? InsyaAllah if everything goes to plan I`ll also be also finish my studies here by march 2011. But its still a long way to go rite?Nway, if in the future plan nk dtg cni boley je klu nak contact me pun okey je.
    Bro skang ni tgh stdy engine gak ye?

    Reply for nadia,

    Salam Nadia 🙂
    Yup, its been a while kn. Nice to hear from u though 🙂

    ..the relation between sakura and our life quite simple but meaningful. Life like Sakura. Short but full happiness right?..

    Yup,klu kite cam hayati betul2 there are a lot more similarities between us and our surroundings. Sakura is just a part of it. Even though life span die cam pendek je, tapi Sakura tu sangat dihargai oleh sume org. Kan best klu kite pun boley cam2 kn?
    Wah, Nadia suke betul ye sakura? Smpai wat kat profile picture tu.hehe. Maybe in the future klu ade chance u`ll be able to see the real thing plak kn?:)

    tak sangka pulak orang guna sakura untuk buat teh. Sedap ke? Ke rasa dia lebih kurang Teh Hijau Jepun?

    Yup,klu time musim Sakura tgh banyak2 ni, dorang ade keluarkn edisi khas teh sakura.Erm, ase die cam bese2 je kot. Ase sakura:p hehe. Tapi klu Teh Hijau tu ase pahit betul kn? Sakura Tea xdela sepahit yg Teh Hijau tu. Org Jepun suke teh dorang pahit2 kot kn. Nadia penah try ke Green Tea tu? Yeh penah bawak balik Green Tea utk family ase tapi dorang cam minum sket je:p hehe.

  22. Salam Yeh,

    A very nice entry. I just love the way you link between a flower with the meaning of living this life. A comparison between a flower which we can see often but rarely do we stop and ponder the meaning behind His creation. Your entry really open up my eyes but more importantly my mind. Well done!

    I cant wait to read more of ur writing.

  23. Reply for amie,

    Salam amie 🙂
    Nice to hear from u. I`m also a bit tight right now. A lot have been happening lately. Btw I`ve just moved places. I`m now studying in Hokkaido (Muroran to be exact). I guess here is a bit like Moscow I think. Always cold. huhu. Are u having exams in the near future?

    I love flowers so i learn some of their language like the peonies- The power to keep secret, Yellow tulips -hopeless love and devotion, Anemones- abandonment and several others, but i miss out the Sakura.

    Wow,I must admit, I dont all these things. But it sounds really interesting. I`m glad u shared 🙂 I didnt know that flowers also have secrets and can bring a lot of meanings with it. U must really like flowers kn? 🙂 I guess all of the nature in this world have their own way of expressing themselces. Its just we sometimes doesnt stop to realise the greatness of even HIS smallest or most fragile creations.

    In ur place do they have any special flower like it is with the Sakura here? Whats ur fav flower then?Hopefully one day u`ll get the chance to hold it with ur own hands. 🙂
    Gudluck in whatever u do.

  24. wah..banyaknyer komen dari pmbaca.
    tak sangka entry ni banyak mesti penulis byk peminat ni..:p


    perempuan dan bunga. Mesti tak boleh dipisahkan. Lebih2 bunga pelik dan takde kat Mesia macam sakura tu. Sakura sakura..

    dapat dengar nama je. Tunggu nanti nak pegang jugak!

  25. very nice posting.. Terasa seakan masuk blog sndiri [kerana turut menggunakan template ini] heheh..

    Siiru ‘ala barakatillah..

  26. Salam Yeh…

    Lama betul menunggu entry dari Yeh. Bz yg amat agaknya.

    Sakura… di Jepun.
    Kat Malaysia, apa ye? Pukok bunga tanjung kot. Tapi pokok dan bunganya tak de lah menyerlah seperti Sakura. Sesuai dengan cuaca panas di Malaysia, daun hijau pokok tanjung yg tebal cukup sesuai untuk berteduh. Sejuk dan wangi semulajadi. (Kak su cuma terperap di Malaysia, tak berani nak berangan ttg sakura. huhu)

  27. post bagus banget~

    though bro, i dun think i’m a flower-lover..and sumhow the idea of the ‘death of a flower’ seems more appealing to me hehe,
    guess at the end of the day, what is destined to end, must end.

    yup what matters, is in what essence our life will conclude when we breathe our last air in this dunya rite

    great post bro…hope ur enjoying ur new place, n take care man! slm.

  28. Reply for ‘atiqah jasni,

    Salam tiqah 🙂
    How r u?How`s life kat nagaoka? Camne ngan juniors baru? hehe. (terasa rindu plak kat nagaoka)

    life is so short.hope that we can be like sakura tree in yukyuzan park.seems like this year you’ll going to have hanami in hokkaido.

    Yup. Absolutely true. No matter how much we love we have in this world. Or how good we take care of our health, life will always seem too short. I dont know about u, but this year I am 23 years old, and as I look back, it seems a very fast 23 years that have gone past by. Dunno for how long we`ll get the chance to live after this rite? So, make do with our short life and fulfill it to the most.
    Quality is always better than quantity rite?

    Yup,this year I`ll be seeing the sakuras in hokkaido. Have the Sakura blossom yet in Nagaoka? I miss Nagaoka so much. Just two days ago it was still snowing here.haha.
    Take care. Hope to hear from u soon 🙂

  29. Saya amat mengagumi Jepun itu sendiri hinggakan di blog sayapun ada saya adaptasi Melayu dan Jepun itu sendiri. Suka jatidiri mereka amat kental….Dijemput semua ke blog saya.

  30. Salam ziarah

    rasa macam kat jepun bila baca entry ni.
    a nice way to introduce sakura

    nak tanya sikit the dreamer, apa airline paling murah nak g jepun? huhu
    teringin pulak nak g sana

  31. Balqis,

    Salam Balqis 🙂
    How r u? Hope u are in fine spirit always ye.

    Before I came to Japan, I also didnt know about Sakura.Just knew that it was important to the Japanese. Never occured to me before to know why was it so important. Dunno why, but maybe as we go through life, we start to ask a lot more questions and wonder more rite?

    Like Sakura, we sure have our own purpose too, but we’re just too lazy to ever realize the purpose ourself…

    I also agree with u, sometimes it is us who doesnt want to find out more rite? N please dunt call urself lazy, but maybe its just about managing oneself rite?Life is so full of new things. Everyday, everywhere there`s always new stuff to learn about. Thats where sharing with each other comes to play. With sharing, knowledge can be obtained more easily rite?

    Wow, the scenery must be so beautiful there. I think Ive seen it in one of ur entries before. If u dont mind, please share with us the link of that entry here. It would be great to see it again 🙂
    Why is the flower can be seen in the psychology department? For them to feel at peace ke?hehe.

    May the Sakura inspire us toappriciate more in life 🙂

  32. Reply for syahidah,

    Salam syahidah 🙂
    How r u? Hope u r in fine health always.

    laman ni memang jarang ada entri baru..tapi jalan cerita..fuh..bisa buat orang nak baca banyak kali…

    Yup, I must admit, it is my fault that this blog doesnt have frequent entries. Its just that it is quite difficult for me to sit down and write a lot more. I am trying to improve though. Thanks for the support 🙂

    I really do hope with entry that I write, it can spur us to become better. Hopefully it will make us see life and appreciate life more.

    Life kat overseas ni klu nak tengok dari luar memang best. But there more lonely nights than happy days. Its really tough here but looking back on the hard times, only then baru boley appreciate life rite?

    p/s: iA there will be a new entry in a few days time. 🙂

  33. bro..u r such a good writer…
    x sbr plak rsnya nk pegi tgk sakura..
    iA i’ll be there dis may….
    pray for me k..
    so dat i’ll get d chance to see d beutiful sakura wit my 2 little SEPET(eyes)…

  34. LOL, I saw my entry credited at the bottom, and I must say I’m flattered. Love the creative way you used to explain the meaning of sakura in perspective. We just had hanami at Yukyuzan Park last weekend and nothing had changed.

    Has the sakura bloom over there?

  35. this is the 1st time I read your blog and I am amazed..
    keep on writing like this..this is another side of yeh I never knew. 🙂

  36. Salam’alaikum Idris,
    Another very late reply from me. Alhamdulillah the flowers have started to bloom here however lately it has been cloudy and misty all day long without any sign of the Sun. But all in all the UK is doing fine (I hope *laughs*)

    InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki memang nak ke sana. It’s my dream to go there. Hokkaido? Subhanallah! I’ve seen videos about Hokkaido and it’s really beautiful there isn’t it? Cold, yet beautiful. Hope everything goes on well for you insyaAllah.

    Oh sekarang ni 2nd year in Medicine. Interesting. Interesting. Everyday is full of pleasant surprises in Medicine alhamdulillah 🙂

    Ganbatte juga Idris!

  37. nice blog.nice writing.nice entry.seronok i really wish i cud see da sakura blooms.mst sgt cantik.asyik tgk dlm gamba+cerita jea..keep on writing.. 🙂

  38. nice article bro! wondered why I stopped in the middle last time…:P
    yes,we live short lives, but, as they say, make sure we go with a BANG!
    all those ‘immortals’ you mentioned up there, they have another thing in common: THEY ARE ALL PROACTIVE.
    and the most proactive of all, our Prophet s.a.w.!

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