Dreams of Inspiration

The world went dark for a while as a partial solar eclipse occurred on the Lunar New Year. The sun shone through again but for many of us the dark gloom is here to stay. Continuous fighting and internal tussles mark a dark truthful blot in our lives. Many people questions are there no more love in the world we live today? Are there no such things as pure goodness? We are pressed from all corners of life. Is there truly a way out?
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

Inspiration is all I seek.

My mind wandered off, far away, faster than the travelling train. As blurred images passes by, a clear thought came to mind. As the snow shrinks with every mile traveled, the purpose grew each time. As the Sun penetrates the deep mist, a new hope emerges. Some seek deep in a sacred hiding spot, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while others huddle up with each other for comfort, while most of us, just stare into the distance hoping rather than seeking to be inspired.

Inspiration of Hope
Inspiration of Hope

It is that time of year, students busy with the examinations, workers compelled with their burdens and parents working their socks off for the well being of their loved ones. With each new leaf turned, with each New Year that passes by, the cycle continues.  Yet, with the difficulties that we face, why is it that we are able to go on and strive to be better?

Inspiration is all I seek. But sometimes the reality of the truth is what we fear the most. But fears can be looked at as a way out. Fear for weakness and failure only will spur us on to be better. Why is it when some of us when left in darkness will seek out the light? Why is it when we are stored in an empty space, we would rather group together than stand alone? How do we explain this behavior? Random segment of code? Or is it something more? When does a difference engine become a search for truth? When does a personality struggle become the inner mode of a soul?

No matter who we are, or where we come from, we all seek to be inspired. Whether it is from the memory of the past or for the hope of a better future, the truth is without hard work and a will to strive forward, inspiration will be elusive as it will ever be.What or from whom do we find in? From where is the source of inspiration?

If you want to succeed in this life, if you wish to achieve something,

If you seek inspiration, just listen to your heart,

And if it has no answers,

Close your eyes and think about your parents,(source of inspiration)

Then you will be ready to face any obstacles that lie ahead,

Success will be yours, yours only.

Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham.

Pure Inspirational (Performed by Gaijin Invasion in Tokyo)

An Iraqi football team found inspiration from their hardships to win the Asian Cup in 2007. An artist found inspiration to kick-start a career in the streets of Tokyo. (Refer to the video).Where will yours come from?Inspiration is all around us!All we have to do is seek! It is up to us to believe in oneself and take that first step towards success. Dare to dream for a better tomorrow, and with that inspiration will come! May we all be inspired.

Shiken Ganbatte ne!
Shiken Ganbatte ne!


p/s: Goodluck for the coming exams. Ganbarimasyou! \(^-^)/

Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

29 thoughts on “Dreams of Inspiration”

  1. bukan inspirasi yg ku cari tp keredaan tuhan yg kekal abadi yg ku
    ingin miliki…insyaallah..

    Andai bulan jatuh ke riba,
    Beratnya bulan baru terasa(bukan saja terasa berat malah terseksa)
    Kadang suka kadang duka;
    itulah lumrah hidup didunia….

  2. if a source of inspiration is in a form of person,take Rasulullah..if it is a book(reading material), take Al-Quran as your ultimate source of inspiration..others will just come along with it..btw,shiken ganbatte kudasai ne..

  3. amboi.byk btol comment dia.wah wah.da boley buka warung kalo cmni.heheh.

    tgk comment ak .agak kurang ilmiah nya.jika x suka boley delete ye cik yeh.hehe


  4. true, inspirations from parents are a real morale booster. lets not forget to continually call them and ask them to pray for our success!

    good luck on your exams bro! 😉

  5. Salam.. well said, idris!

    Nice blog u have too! Can i link u up? Tq. Found that u were 1 of hamidians too..(!!) sama la kita.. juz that u were my junior la kots.. =) goodluck!

  6. salam’alaik..

    liked ur n3 here..
    somethin’ quite inspirational, i must say.. (^_~)

    to me, inspirations come in various form.. from my faith, HIS loveletters, stories, blogs, friends… the list goes on.

    but the important thing is, always try to be inspired to do the very best.

    i hear that exams are coming up.. so all the best!

    p/s: really liked ur entries to.. so keep writing! May Allah bless u..

  7. bila tengok gambar2 tu teringat masa tgk fenomena bulan tersenyum kat Malaysia. Menakjubkan. Macam ada mata, hidung dan mulut yg sedang tersenyum 🙂

  8. I’ve read somewhere, where it says the difference between motivation and inspiration. It is easier to be motivated but not inspired, since inspiration is from the inside, like a burning candle. But once inspired, it will keep us going.

    May Allah grant us the Tawfeeq and ‘Inayah to find the inspiration.

    Good luck bro!!

  9. “But sometimes the reality of the truth is what we fear the most.”

    Buat aku takut hari-hari, walau orang kata, di depan kita ada yang lebih baik sedang menunggu. ;_)

  10. salam ziarah idris

    nak tulis cerita asalnya.mungkin sesuai di lain masa.

    semoga terus bersemangat dalam melakukan sesuatu perkara.Biarlah segala semangat,dipandu dengan suluhan agama.

    Islam itu melatih umatnya supaya tidak mudah menyerah diri dari kemunduran.Apatah lagi dari penindasan.

    Alangkah indahnya semangat hamba-hamba Allah dalam ketumbukan hamas.Pernah baca satu kisah,bilamana setiap masa pemimpin-pemimpin mereka tidak sunyi daripada sentuhan biji tasbih.Kuat sungguh pergantungan mereka dengan Allah.

    Moga penghijrahan ke mororan pada tahun ini,dengan berbekalkan semangat dan keazaman perubahan.Carilah sesuatu yang beharga,dan titiplah bebanyak semangat beharga dari sana.

  11. slm yeh…

    yet another great entry bro..hmm..tu lah..probably inspiration ni..is more of sumthing which is given….which means, ade pemberi..and relevannya perkataan ‘seek’ or mencari ..

    so rasenya.. the best way to seek inspiration..is to seek God..it’s always wise to seek sumthing dpd asal, sumber , perkara tu sendiri kn ..all the best for ur exam..

    p/s : sorry for the bad news….guess what’s red ..is always top of the blues bro..

  12. Reply for DR FADZILAH KAMSAH,

    Assalamualaikum DR 🙂 ,
    Terima kasih diatas perkongsian yang diberikan. Betul juga seperti yang dicakapkan, walau apa jua kita buat sekalipun, yang penting adalah mencari keredhaanNya.
    Kalau Dr tak keberatan, boleh kongsi ke apakah inspirasi atau dorongan Dr untuk berjaya?Maksud sy,sumber inspirasi ke kan.

    Anyway, I like ur pantun a lot. Really unique I must say. 🙂
    Please do come again and share your thoughts and views ye.

    Reply for MuNsYi-SaMa,

    Salam bro 🙂 How r u?Hope u r fine selalu ye.

    If a source of inspiration is in a form of person,take Rasulullah..if it is a book(reading material), take Al-Quran as your ultimate source of inspiration..

    Its true. These two factors are the most influential guidance or inspiration that a man can seek/have. Sometimes, when I am at lost, and I have no where else to turn to, without fail I found the true peace in the Quran and from our prophet. With peace in mind, inspiration will come on its own.

    Besides that, kalau terase tensi sangat I like to play football/futsal. Kadang2 tu dapat release tension and senang nk ada ‘mood’ nk wat keje lepas tu kn. How bout u?

  13. Salam dari timur tengah..
    how r u??ermm..so kali ni citer psl inspirasi yer..hope u will find ur inspiration..anything is possible..klu kita usaha n semangat dlm melakukan satu perkara..Insyallah Allah akan m’bantu hamba-hambaNYA.. For me inspirasi ni blh dtg dlm mcm2 bntk.. cthyer dr parents kite,kwn2,
    citer2 n sbgaiyer..sumber inspirasi ade dimana2 shj sbb bumi Allah ni luas sgt..;)

    p/s : all the best in ur exam..
    مع دعاءى بالتوفيق والنجح

  14. Dengar kata 9 hb feb ni gerhana bulan pulak?

    Gerhana Matahari/Bulan adalah salah satu tanda kebesaran Allah untuk mereka yang berfikir. Disunatkan(ada yg mewajibkan) untuk didirikan solat khusuf/kusuf

    Hang kat jpoon macammana? Kalau orang2 kat jpoon buat, mmg tabik spring la..sbb kat Malaya ni pun orang buat dek je gerhana ni

    Anyway, good luck in whateva u r doing bro

  15. Salam The Dreamer,

    Yeah, inspiration can comes from anywhere, anytime at anyplace.

    Anyway, good luck for your exams and all the best!! InsyaAllah, man jadda wa jada…

    p/s: Video itu memang lucu dan best!

  16. Assalamualaikum wbt…

    Inspirational article! Both the points and the way they were elaborated…

    Keep on writing and opening people eyes to the great things we all blinded from…


  17. “If you seek inspiration, just listen to your heart,

    And if it has no answers,”

    Very interesting and truly phrase. Thanks for passing by my blog.

    You don’t sorry if you don’t understand spanish, well thanks again and have a nice day! ^^

    Greetings from Argentina

  18. Reply for syahidah,

    Salam.I’ve just finished with the exams n final presentations recently. Thank you for the wishes. Alhamdulillah everything went fine. Good luck in ur studies too ye.
    Currently what course are you taking?

    Reply for hanami,

    Firstly, thanks for the visit. I’m glad you liked reading this blog. It is a great honour.
    It’s true just like u said,

    the real keys to success are three in number which are knowledge,intuition and energy.by reading this article,i can conclude that inspiration can be found anywhere

    Normally the essence of success usually comes from inspiration. Hopefully with inspiration will provide the keys to open doors of success. 🙂

  19. Reply for yatie,

    Lamenye xdgr khabar dr cik yatie.haha. camne ngan Niigata?
    It doesnt matter ilmiah or not. It may be not so ilmiah for some, but maybe ilmiah for others kot kn?haha. Yang pentingnye to share ur thoughts n views kn? That’s what matter the most kn.

    Okey, iA before I go to hokkaido akan siggah jup kat Niigata kn. Lagipun kena lalu gak Niigata tu nak gi Hokkaido kn. Cuti ni xgi mane2 ke? Ish, takutnye ase nak gi tempat baru tu.

    Reply for y4ku24,

    Salam bro.
    Am really sorry for the late reply.Thank you for ur wishes. Alhamdulillah I got through my exams quite okey. (xdela with flying colours..ish..kena blja rajin2 r next time.haha)

    How bout u?Ade exam ke skang2 ni?Owh ye, gudluck ye for ur presentatitions. Ganbare!

    inspirations from parents are a real morale booster. lets not forget to continually call them and ask them to pray for our success!

    Tu r, without them, everything doesnt seem to be complete. In times of need, inspirations is all what we all seek rite? Prayers n believing in the promises made to us can also be a form of inspiration doesnt it?

    Goodluck in whatever u do ye 🙂

  20. assalamualaikum..

    Hah! What is this? Am i to believe this? I thought I was the only one left-out-not-updating in this blogsphere, but then… you too… hehe…

    In Malaysia already? Have a nice holiday, then…


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