The Thought of Eid

One for the ‘Salam Perantauan’

A loud rhythmic snore could be heard in the distance. A few people looked intently on where the sound came from. I had been sitting at that seat beside the window for the best part of four hours, staring out at the darkening blurred images that pass by. Every now and then sparkled in the orange glare of the station lamps. After finally fallen asleep with one side of my face pressed against the cold windowpane, suddenly I woke up with a stutter. The station name mentioned on the loudspeaker rang a bell. I looked up at the piece of paper that I’d scribbled earlier for confirmation. This was the last in a series of train interchange that I had to make before my duly awaited destination could welcome me back. Another hour I thought. I took a seat by the windows again. It was past midnight and it all came rushing into me.

It gushed into me then that the day has arrived. The day of Eid. A day of celebration and happiness shared with family and friends alike. But here I am, sitting with my ipod humming the takbir of Eid. I looked round to find a man with his glasses askew and his mouth wide open and a girl wearing the evergreen high school uniform even though it was in the middle of the night! These are the people that I celebrated eid with.

Three years has passed since I woke up on the morning of Eid to find that my loved ones are with me. But for me, wherever you may be, whoever you’re with on that day, it doesn’t matter as much as the thought of happiness when you’re with them.

We all have our so called life journeys and make sacrifices along the way. It is how we face it is whats most important isn’t it?Happy times surely will come.

Eid Mubarak to all wherever and whoever you may be!

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Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

23 thoughts on “The Thought of Eid”

  1. May the Ramadhan spirit’s be remembered always.また、頑張りましょう。最後まで続けましょう。成功は、自分手であるからこそ、簡単にあきらめないで、いつもアッラーを覚えてください。

  2. Salam.
    No matter where you are 1 Syawal is always 1 Syawal, though the way we celebrate it might be different, but the feeling is always the same ;).Eid mubarak to u, and may our past mistakes will be forgivrn.Amin.

  3. Reply for warkahraudhah,
    Thanx for that timely reminder=). Moga-moga amalan kite di bulan Ramadhan akan jadi pemangkin untuk kite jadi perbaiki diri kearah yang lebey baik kan.
    Selamat Hari Raye!

    Reply for fana,
    thanx for ur wishes.Hope happy times will be with u always too=). Selamat Hari Raye!

    Reply for amirah,
    Yup,no matter where we are,1 Syawal will always be 1Syawal kn.Mesti teringat kat those yg kite syg the most kn?How was ur raye?Sambut kat mane tahun ni?
    Take care ye.Selamat Hari Raye 2 u 2!

    Reply for yam-e,
    Thanx sbb always bg semangat! InsyaAllah, akan berusaha bersungguh2 di perantauan ni.Take care jugak ye kat sane! Eid Mubarak to u 2!

  4. Celebrating Eid in Overseas- its alwiz the 1st syawal that matters, the other days pass by like nothing~ surely the memory lane we try to walk on will always be overtrodden with sentimental reminiscence and recollection of our childhood past: celebrating raya with family and missing everyone at home~ it’s always ‘the most’ on the 1st of Syawal~

    It’s been like 5 years, and the feeling?
    Still the same~ Still the same~

    ganbare ne!!

  5. Reply for y4ku24,
    Thanx for the wish.Akan disampaikn salam tu to my family.N mmy send my wishes to ur family too ye? Happy Eid. n mohon maaf kalau ade yg terasa ke kn. Ukhuwah berterusan bro!

    Reply for Abu Saif,
    Thanx for the wish=).Salam Ukhuwah! Moga2 diberi kesempatan untuk berjumpa lagi.(rindu kat ustaz sbnarnye).hehe. Eid Mubarak!

    Reply for BaruKisu,
    Yup,couldnt agree more with you=). i dont know why, but on that day, all the thoughts are with our family and friends. And reminiscing our sentimental moments with them. How i crave for that old times. here it feels like Eid is only celebrated one day.The rest its just the same. Classes.
    Wow, has it been 5 straight years since you last celebrated it in malaysia?Did u have class on Eid? (I skipped class this year to clebrate Eid.(bangga.wink wink) )
    Eid Mubarak!

  6. Hari Raya Aidilfitri adalah detik kita bersama orang tercinta. Sedikit terkilan bila raya tahun ini aku cuma berteman tembok dan jeriji besi. Sedih.. seperti yang kamu rasa.

    Salam lebaran buat sahabatku. Setulus hati, dari sepuncak rambut ke tumit kaki. Semoga memori susah senang kita bersama ini, menjadi pengubat bila kejauhan nanti.

  7. My first comment here, although I have been a frequent reader since you save the URL in my cellphone when we were waiting the Japanese at the Islamic Museum in KL lol xD

    Better now than never.

    Selamat Hari Raya 🙂

    Keep the entries coming.

  8. Reply for SangPelangi,
    Salam lebaran buat sahabatku juga=).
    May one day we will look back at our difficulties and smile kn=). Somehow, this all a lesson of life that we have to face to harden us up. Kaula sahabat kaula teman, itulah perkara yang ku hargai sgt2.
    Moga berjumpe lagi ye.take care bro!

    Reply for fathen,
    Selamat Hari Raye and may Allah bless u always.Thanx for dropping by.Fell free to come back ye=).

    Reply for Calvin,
    Thanx for the wish=).
    U know something?Even though our rooms are not quite far apart but the times in Malaysia is the first real chance to get to know u better. Really had fun taking those Japanese on tour of Malaysia.
    I’ve wrote an entry before this but hadnt quite the chance to put it here.As time goes by,it kinda not relevant now.haha.
    From now on,I’ll try to keep the entries coming. Feel free to give ur views and thoughts=).

  9. “It is how we face it is whats most important isn’t it?Happy times surely will come.”

    I agree with you.Every single moment,happy or not,will make anybody become stronger to face this life.

    Every happiness will become sweetier if you can share and make the others happy like you.

    I want you to happy too.

    For you,I pray for the best.Allah will do the rest.

    Kullu `aam wa anta bikhair
    Eid Mubarak

  10. I guess the joy of syawal is really in the essence of our ‘achievement’ in ramadhan..surrounding, friends, are merely factors or bonuses to the real meaning of celebration…hampeh ramadhan ku~ =( astaghfirullaah. Pernah denga lagu Ramadhan 2 Zaman tk? lagu2 the zikr dulu..bengkak hati mendenga, heh.

  11. Wow, has it been 5 straight years since you last celebrated it in malaysia?Did u have class on Eid? (I skipped class this year to clebrate Eid.(bangga.wink wink) )
    Eid Mubarak!

    Well, ALMOST 5 years, yeah 5 straight years to be exact. Nope, we usually ask for a one day off on the 1st Eid so that we can pray in the morning n visiting open houses for the rest of the day~ Lectures and classes are off!! Yay!

    I would’ve skip the class too if it was me, haha~

  12. Salam bro,
    Really enjoyed reading this entry, how you describe the’s almost like it’s from a fairytale book!

    Eid Mubarrak! May Allah accept the deeds that we have done during Ramadhan and may our efforts be better after a month if training in Ramadhan. InsyaAllah.

    Raya in overseas is always like that kan? It’s only the first Syawal that matters, but after the prayers, it’s the usual class timetable. *laughs* Takpe, kita semua sedang berjuang di jalan Allah, menuntut ilmu keranaNya. May Allah bestow us with strength always.

    Masak apa untuk raya haritu? 😀

  13. Reply for AsadulQalb,
    Thanx for ur wishes and doa.The sweetness of happiness comes with sharing and the greatness of sorrow also relieved with sharing.Hope with this experience it will make us stronger and a better person for the days to come.
    So,how was ur raya this year?I heard that u celebrated eid in Malaysia?

    Reply for mrdin,
    Bro,the most important thing is that we try to emulate our good deeds not just during Ramadhan but throughout the year.I enjoyed my time with you.At first I had wrote an article about our times spent during ramadhan.About how we would meet at the mosque every night.I must admit that I missed you when you were not there.How are you over there?

    Reply for BaruKisu,
    Wow!Ur lecturers are so nice!I wish mine were too=).So,its like an eid holiday isnt it?And the rest of the students also have a day off as well?

    Reply for ‘Aqilah,
    salam.Thanx for your compliments.But i still have a long way to go to be good at writing.I just try to make it feel as if you were there at the moment also.
    Yup.May our efforts and good deeds in Ramadhan continue throughout the year.InsyaAllah=).
    Erm,raya tahun ni makan kuih raye yang bwak dari Mesia je.pastu ade kawan-kawan masak wat rendang and ketupat.(tu yang sanggup ponteng kelas aritu tu.hehe.)Ade bakar sate jugak aritu.Yang paling best mase tangkap gambaar ramai2.How bout u?Masak pe untuk raye?Best ke kat sane?

  14. Reply for Nadia,
    Salam perkenalan.
    Thanx for the compliments. I’m still new at this and there’s a lot more that i have to learn.I’ll try to share it as best as I can.
    Feel free to drop by and share ur thoughts and views.
    Okey.I’ll link you too ye?

  15. garhh…

    I don’t know if its still relevant to leave a comment here since its the ‘raya’ entry, hehe… tapi sebab macam best jer citer pasal raya ni, nak panjangkanlah comment list kat sini. So, be it~

    So,its like an eid holiday isnt it?And the rest of the students also have a day off as well?

    Yep, one special day to celebrate Eid. Not the lecturers of course yang bagi kebenaran. We asked permission from the dean’s office and they issued a notice telling all Malaysian students that on that exact date, all classes and lectures are off. So, altogether, Malay, Chinese, indian pun bercutilah. But the bad side is, kena ganti kelas, hehe (yang ni terpulang kepada budi bicara cikgu kelas). Yang bestnya Malaysian dapat cuti, tapi muslims from another country tak dpt plak cuti, after solat raya, they have to rush pergi kelas. Kesian~

    Haha, sekali panjanglah pulak!


  16. Reply for BaruKisu,
    Well,for me,no what time it is,all comments are relevent and welcome=).Thanx by the way.

    Now I understand you must feel so lucky to be Malaysians rite?hehe.Owh kalau cam2,nnti lecturers tu ganti kelas khas untuk Malaysians je ke?special betul kn!hehe.Kan best klu kat cni pun cam2 jugak kn.

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