Old Memories, New Adventures…

No matter where we come from, what languages we speak or what color our skin is, we are all unique in special ways. We all share the same desire and hunger to succeed and most importantly to love and to be loved. Many have argued that love is only a feeling and cannot bring wealth nor success but deep inside, we all know that love is the greatest motivation that a person can have.

My world=).
My world=).

When I was at the airport and on the verge of boarding the plane to come to Japan, I caught a glimpse of my mum’s face and I couldn’t help but notice that there was something shining in her eyes. I quickly realized that it was her tears. I didn’t realize it was happening but I could soon feel streams of tears on my own cheeks. I was actually crying too! Trying to avoid her gaze, I hastily waved back at her. It struck me then, as if I hadn’t realized it before, that I was all alone now, facing a whole new world. Stepping into the unknown, into a world that seemed so strange. I felt a sudden coldness as if an ice cube had been trickling down my back. I was actually feeling scared to leave the comfort and warmness of the ones I love the most. Even though there were a lot of people around me then, I felt so alone, rooted in the moment all by myself. I wandered where all the love and security had disappeared to so quickly? Is it all now left in my memory? Or should I move forward and face the world that is waiting for me. A new adventure awaits me.

Before going our seperate ways.
Before going our seperate ways.

As soon as I arrived in Japan, the land of the rising sun as it is called, I could smell and feel the breeze of a new world. New hope burned inside me. I knew that it was going to be a long, winding journey but I also knew it was going to be a new adventure! So, I gathered the strength within myself and walked on. I knew then that I had to find a new source to fill the emptiness inside me. My new friends were a lot of help to me. Even though we were raised in totally different kind of backgrounds and cultures, they made me feel as if I was one of them. Those differences don’t matter as long as we had respect for each other. For me, that is the most important thing to have. We would play games, soccer and even go snowboarding together. We shared our laughter and tears together. They made me feel loved again, in a way. They would teach me about their cultures, and I, in return would share what my culture was like. We even tasted each others cooking. To tell you the truth I’m not that good at cooking but at least my friends liked it! I began to feel glad I had come here so that I could experience many new things as well as expand my understanding of my own culture.

Now I understand that love is a universal language. Though cultures and backgrounds may vary among us we share one thing in common. In order to be loved we must love and accept others for who they really are. Let me recite to you a short poem of mine.

During my speech

Sometimes we let affection,
go unspoken,
Sometimes we let our love
go unexpressed,
Sometimes we let our friendship go unnoticed,
Sometimes we can’t find words to tell
our feelings,
Especially towards those we love the best.

Now, I understand what the tears and laughter meant. It was just a matter of love!
Well, I hope you all know how I feel today. I am proud to be here sharing this with all of you.

Look at the people around you. Look at the people sitting beside you. Embrace them, love them. Make love not war!

Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

19 thoughts on “Old Memories, New Adventures…”

  1. tulis blog nampak..huhu..apepun aku pegang kata2 hang..erti hidup pada menambah, menambah blog2 yang di alam internet ini..hihi

  2. aduh.. aku tiba-tiba macam nak menangis bila part yang ko menangis dengan mak ko tu.

    I caught a glimpse of my mum’s face and I couldn’t help but notice that there was something shining in her eyes

    Aduhai.. teringat ibu di kampung. Masuk ni dah tiga kali aku baca entri ni. Haha.

  3. Tu r kn.Setiap org pasti kn sedih bile berjauhan dengan org yg kite sayang dan hargai kn.Kite perlu jadikn “weakness” ni sebagai “kekuatan” kite untuk jadikn diri kite lebih baik untuk membalas perngorbanan dorang r kn.

    Thanx Sangpelangi krna tidak jemu membace entry ni.Moga2 ni menjadi inspirasi kite sume kn.hehe.

  4. sabar dan tabah dalam mengharungi dugaan hidup..insyaAllah is pasti akan membuahkan hasil yg manis..gud luck bro..

  5. huhuhu..sedih gak baca citer ni..tp ia m’beri inspirasi kt sy..btl tu.. jadikan “weakness” kita sbg “kekuatan”..

    “To tell you the truth I’m not that good at cooking ”

    Nasib baik r xde yg skit perut yer.. heheh..;)

  6. Reply for Annursya,
    Hope that someday we will look back on our difficulties and smile kn=). Hope it will make us into a better person. Thanx for the wish.

    Reply for hyunbin_hafizah,
    Thanx.but i’m still new at this. I’ll my best untuk sampaikan my views on the aspects of life.Feel free to share it as well ye?

    Reply for Fana,
    Everyone has their own weaknesses.It is how we face and deal with is whats most important.
    p/s:skang dah reti sket2 dah masak.xde yang sakit perut kot insayAllah.hehe.(tp xtaula sedap ke x kn?hehe.tapi sume muke gembire je bile makan yg sy msk aritu.)(sendiri perasan)

  7. Reply for lucky_6188,
    will do insyaAlah. where ther’s a will there’s a way.=). We just have to keep doing the things that we know the best.Hope through this blog, I can somehow relate my life to other peoples lives. It started of with a dream.A dream full of hope.One day,those dreams will turn into reality for us to see.That’s what i hope this blog will be.

    Reply for SangPelangi,
    Pejamkan mata dan hayatilah keadaan sekeliling.Dulu itulah yang selalu dibuat,maybe from now on,i can convey those feeling and thoughts into words kn.

  8. salam…
    waa… hebat ar blog… menarik giler.. jalan criter ok, cra penyampaian pun ok.. harap dpt teruskn usaha anda… chayok2…gambatte ne!!!
    (^.^) *(^.^)*

  9. salam….
    x tau nk tulis pe..
    tp memg gempaq ar…engish cm air terjun jer…wa respect ar..
    teruskan usaha!harumkn nama bangsa,agama n negara…huhuhu

  10. Reply for suraya_matahari,
    Thanx for the compliments.will try to do better in the future insyaAllah.=).Ganbarimasu!
    Feel free to drop by slalu ye!Thanx for dropping by and sharing ur opinions with me!

    Reply for hagumi chan,
    Kat sini tak slalu gune english sangat.So,kadang2 tu ase cam kekok plak nak gune english.kat cni i’ll try to convey my feeling and thoughts in English supaya tak ‘terjun menjunam’ sangat my english.huhu.
    Do come by again and comment ye.

  11. Reply for aabaa,
    Thank you for visiting.My english is far from perfect but i’m trying to better it in the future. I’ve been to ur blog and its really good=). feel free to come by always.

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