Who Am I?

Sheffwed‘s name is taken from a famous football club called Sheffield Wednesday.It used to be a footballing ‘giant’ but now the so called giant is slumbering in the championship division. How I wish the giant would wake up soon and stamp its authority in the English Premier League where it duly belong.

I am using the pen name of TheDreamer for this blog. I took the name TheDreamer (El Illusionista) as it is best describe this blog. Every success, every goal, every achievement in life starts of with a dream. A distant dream it may be, but step by step it will surely become a reality.

This blog is where TheDreamer will share it’s opinions from its point of view.Life through TheDreamer‘s eyes. Care to share as well,will you?

“Today’s feat was yesterdays dreams. Today’s dreams lead to tomorrow’s success.”

Waiting for bus in Sheffield

I was born in Kuala Lumpur but raised in the far reaches of where fish and chips were their traditional food.Where football is their way of life.Where grim and cloudy weather paint their skies for most of the year.That is the place where I spent most of my childhood days. But at the same time always yearning for the place where I called home. A heart craving for motherland. I got my wish at the tender age of 12.

I first started my life as student way back in 1991. This is when I first attended kindergarten. Back then, I was 5 years old.According to my PakCik, I excelled during my early years enough to top the class and even got top of the 6 years old class.So, I begged my parents to let me enter primary school when I was 6 years old.I had to wait another year to start school. I then entered school for one year and then `furthered my studies` in England. After roughly 4 years there, I went back to take my UPSR exams in Malaysia. After that I continued pursuing my studies in Malaysia until now. I am currently furthering in yet another overseas country.This time I headed east instead of west.These are my schools,

Taski Mutaqqin, Sri Abim Kajang (93), Greenlands Junior School (Sheffield) (93-97), King Ecgbert School (Sheffield), SK Jalan Enam (98), SMK Bandar Baru Bangi, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah Kajang (99-03), Pusat Persediaan Teknikal ke Jepun (PPKTJ) (04-05),ย  Nagaoka National Institute of Technology (Japan) (06-09), Muroran Institute of Technology (MIT) (Japan) (09-11)

Never in my wildest dream, did I imagine of going to Japan. Anime, manga, all those super innovative works, the complexity of Japan was just not for me I thought. As I was brought up in a totally different culture and way of life, I see the far east as something far from my reaches. But as it is in life, GOD has a plan for us. I applied for Germany but got Japan instead. Ironic.

Then I had to endure 2 years of preparation learning about the Japanese language as well as their culture in which I had to pass the final exam in order to be merited to fly. Another 3 years of college life awaited me in Japan. There I had to obtain my diploma and then fight with the Japanese to gain entry to the 3rd year of University. Alhamdulillah I was accepted to Muroran Institute of Technology where I am now. I am currently in my final year.

Sports. It has always been my passion. It ranges from the famous to the absurd sports. I love them all. During the IPIJ SummerCamp 2008 in Japan, with Ustaz Hasrizal I asked this question as part of the ice-breaking session:

What was the 1st sport that I took seriously when I was young? Feel free to answer. ( Refer here )

1) Football

2) Gymnastics

3) Swimming

From quite a young age I have come to love football. The beautiful game as it is called. I would memorize all the countries with their capital cities in the world just to know the nation competing for the World Cup. And my love and passion for football has always and will always be up there at the top.

<last updated : 25 July 2010>< More to come>


56 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. Oh aku tak perasan ada page Who Am I ni. Aku paling seronok baca blog orang yang eloborate page macam ni. Panjang pun takpe je.
    Ceritalah dalam sikit pasal diri tu. Macam hobi makan apa (fish n chip), moment yang tak dapat dilupakan (kena kejar anjing masa atas skuter kuning.. haha..)

  2. reply for Sangpelangi,
    tu r mule mule dah tulis dah panjang sket dari ni pastu delete balik.nanti akan di’update’kan lagi.

    reply for abu saif,
    InsyaAllah akan dimasukkan info ‘rahsia’ tu.hehe.(tapi cam malu pulak tibe-tibe.hehe)

  3. Reply for Fana,
    Hopefully through this page, u will know my background a little bit.

    Reply for nadia,
    yup,the thing that i enjoy most is football.anything to do with it really. Watching,playing or just talking about it would make me happy.
    nadia minat bola gak ke?
    (skang disebabkan sheffield wednesday kat divisyen bawahan, maka untuk team kat premier league i support chelsea!)

    Reply for suara,
    salam.Kak Su boley je panggil dengan nama Yeh. hehe. nanti insyaAllah yeh akan updatekn page ni.

  4. Salam ziarah. Nice english. Apakah rahsia??..mkn fish n chips ke?? Semoga istiqamah dalam berbuat kebaikan dan luruskan niat hanya keranaNya. Peringatan juga buat diri ini.

  5. Reply for ayatunnisa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Erm, takde rahsia sangat pun. Sekarang ni pun tengah berusaha nak perbaiki lagi. Practice makes perfect rite?
    Maybe makan fish n chips slalu boley bantu jugak kot. Rindu nak makan fish n chips. kat jepun ni xde la pulak.huhu.
    InsyaAllah moga diberi kekuatan dan kemampuan untuk berbuat kebaikan di jalanNya.
    Please feel free to come by and visit this blog again ye.
    p/s: ur blog is good.keep it up!

  6. Reply for nadia,
    Hehe. Baguslah cam2:p. Kalau kat umah, klu nak tengok bola kena book awal2 r. Sbb kadang2 adik perempuan pun nk tgk channel lain gak time tu.huhu. Yeh sebenarnye suke je sume sports except golf. xtau ape yang sonoknye golf..huhu.
    Nadia ade minat something sgt2 jugak ke?

    Reply for alqasam,
    Salam brother=).
    Thank you for the compliments but there is still so much to learn and there’s always room for improvement. Hopefully u’ll come by and share your views with me also.
    I have read your blog too=). It’s really nice. I’ll visit it as often as I can insyaAllah.
    I am honoured if u’ll link this blog with yours. Thanks. Hope u dont mind if I’ll link urs too ye?

  7. MasyAllah. Indeed, my blog is nothing more or nothing less. InshAllah I will my visit as such too. I will link yours if that the case and its my pleasure if you want to link mine too when it just a nobody blog.

    Keep writing and keep digging for the wisdom.

    I’m a sister btw.

  8. Reply for alqasam,
    Salam sister.=).
    Sorry for the mistake that I made in addressing u before.
    I’ve linked ir blog and hope to share and learn more in the future.

    p/s: I am also inspired by the Mystic Saint Sufi’s site also.

    Reply for autumn,
    Yup, memang sgt sedap fish n chips. Sangat mengidamknnye setiap mase. Its my favorite foods. =). Tapi kat Japun ni susah nak cari kedai fish n chips.huhu.
    Suke fish n chips gak ke?

    Reply chelsea chelsea!!,
    hai! My english still has a long way to go to be good. To tell u the truth my English has been on the decline lately. I’m hoping that through this blog I can somehow improve my English insyaAllah. So, forgive me those occasional grammar mistakes ye?

    p/s: I am the second one on the right btw.hehe. Mase ni umur 9 thn kot.huhu. Tu sume same2 ngan my siblings and cousins kat sheffield.

  9. Reply for intan nadia,
    hajimemashte ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for dropping by. Tu r,sy pun sgt suke akan sheffield.Tempat membesar kat sane. Klu gi England mesti pegi sane. Suke pegi sane nape?Ramai member kat sane ke?Ramai lagi ke Malaysians kat sane? (byk plak soklan..hehe)

    Gudluck in whatever u do!

    Reply for ainaamardhiah,
    Salam :),
    Thank you for dropping by.I am honored if u would come again.
    p/s: i’ve read ur blog and its very nice n interesting.

  10. salam ziarah. keep up d good work and may Allah make it easy for you and all of us in the struggle of reviving Islam as our way of life, insyaAllah.

  11. Reply for SyAhiRah^LaLAla,
    Hai! Yup, I`ve gone back there once in a while. I still miss the place where I grew up, but I miss Malaysia the most! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have u been there also?

    p/s: u have a nice blog.

  12. Reply for mardiah,
    Salam =).
    Thanks for supporting. InsyaAllah I`ll try my best to become better and thus be a better servant for Islam.
    May we all strive to revive Islam as our way of life. Strive to be the best rite?

    p/s: Feel free to visit always ye?

  13. Salam ziarah.
    Had the chance to study in UK when I was a kid too. But for a short while je. Followed my dad while he attended a course there. Twice actually. Once during primary n once during secondary school.
    Why in the world am i telling you this?
    Kadang bila baca blog orang padahal kita tak kenal orang tuh tapi cam kenal la pulak.

  14. Hai. I’ve been reading ur blog for quite a while now, and I just love the way you convey ur stories/articles.
    Keep it up! I cant wait for ur new entries.
    Hope u can write about your past more. About ur life in England etc.It is because there’s always a uniqueness with the different places and different faces that you meet. The experience is priceless.Just a thought anyhow.

  15. Reply for Sakinah Omar,

    Salam ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wow, that must be a good experience for you then. Hope you dont mind me asking, where in the UK did you go? And for how long?
    For me, the experience of studying in the UK is quite interesting as it is different from the system that we have. To say the least, studying in UK is quite fun actually. You would agree with that rite?

    Anyway, thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been my pleasure. I’ve visited your blog and its really nice. Really informative and interesting. Please feel free too come by again.

    Ukhuwah fillah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply for Afifah,

    Hai. Thank you for spending some time in reading my work. The true satisfaction in all of this is to see others enjoy the effort that u’ve put in.
    Actually I’ve already written a few articles already on my past but havent put the finishing touches just yet. Many have been put on hold until I can find some pictures from my past. I’ll upload it in the near future InsyaAllah.

    Nway, please do support always thank you for sharing ur thoughts with us. I appreciate it a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Salam,
    We went to Winchester. Small, old town. my father was an army officer so we stayed in the army camp areas.
    I must say school in UK was rather fun. Even the going to school part on the double decker.
    No boredom during school hours. we moved around from one class to another for lessons. The subjects were exciting. Banyak hands on. Pottery,wood work,metal work,drama etc.
    But I was wearing a scarf even way back then in 1980 and of course it made some heads turn when I walk by. But I just ignored it. I guess they got used to it after that.
    Just one bad memory.When i was going down the stairs of the double decker bus,some boys pulled out my scarf just to see if i was bald or not!Huhuhu
    Maybe i didn’t notice before,but we have one more thing in common.
    We went to the same school!What a coincidence.
    But I’m way your senior. I also went to Maahad Hamidiah.We were among the first to move in the present school building.
    I was in Form Four then. U can start counting my age now.Hahaha.
    Nice to know you by the way.

    1. Salam,
      Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      Wow, going to school for you back then was also an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚
      I totally agree, the education over there are far more interesting. A lot of hands on subjects which I really enjoyed. When I first got back to Malaysia, I was in for a shock. It was like having to perform in a pressure cooker at such an early age. I love the time when each day, the teacher would read books to us. And we would gather and huddle up listening to the stories.

      Sometimes, the boys still do that pulling scarf thing. And I felt for the girls then, because they always make jokes about wearing the scarf. But gradually they just drop the act as they didnt get the response they wanted. Ahaks.

      Hamidians ๐Ÿ™‚ The school has changed a lot since I last visited it. More new buildings which I think spoils the landscape of somewhat. I have lots of fonds memories studying in the school. I miss Maahad. Do you come to the school once in a while also?

      Hope to hear from you again soon.
      Nice knowing you btw.

  17. owh..saya sangat100x minat badminton! Semua pasal dunia badminton saya ambil tahu contoh nama-nama pemain ke, perlawanan apa yang diorang masuk.Yang paling saya admire especially Chong Wei tu. Kamu tak minat badminton ke?

  18. Assalamualaikum…
    subhanallah, a very nice blog u have with a very good english writting… love to read it bro..

    i’hv some frenz there in japan…
    hope to go there one day…

    salam ukhuwwah from poland… ^_^
    jazakallah for visiting IPIP blog… link u bro.. wslm

  19. salam.

    masyaalah..pernah membesar di sheffield? it must be a memorable experience being there ya?

    indeed, it is a place where i learn about life.


    halawatul iman

  20. naruhodo..xtau pon yeh membesar kat overseas..patutla english power, plus ade geliat2 lidah sikit bila nak ckp melayu.. ๐Ÿ˜›

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