Seeker of the Soul

In every journey, the traveler must ask was the right path taken. Was the right turn made. Many roads are long and winding. Some are rough and bumpy filled with obstacles. Yet it is filled with those who have lost their way. Some forge their own course guided by faith, seeking not location but a kindred soul. Others step together finding safety in the arms of another. A few remove themselves from the trail to avoid the path of temptation. But those who watch the track too closely fail to see where it led them. They’re often all too surprised by their destination. So great is the journey for the soul. A seeker’s path to reach the Heavens.

O mankind! What is it that lures you away from your bountiful Sustainer, who has created you, and formed you in accordance with what you art meant to be and shaped your nature in just proportions, having put you together in whatever form He willed?

-The Quran (82:6-8)

So many questions asked. Yet with so many signs already shown, we fail to neither read nor understand it. As its mountains pierce through the clouds, high above the lives of men. And its rivers run and split through the earth, right through men. So does the moon illuminate the night and the sun shine through the day. And its stars like priceless jewels from the far reaches of Kings, guiding us through the nights. Signs of the Creator are all around us. Why do we keep asking for God yet we can’t seem to see the Creator’s signs?

With it so many hearts have closed to the wonders of these signs. Like a bird trapped in a cage, asleep with closed wings. Like pearls hidden deep beneath the black water.

Yet, the answer is right there all along. Stored within the heart. Running through our veins. All we have to do is seek! Seeking to remove the veil within the inner heart and soul.

Have We not expanded for you, your inner heart? -The Quran 94:1

“O my Lord! expand my heart for me” (prayer of Moses) …     –The Quran 20:25

The Creator has created veils on Himself for us to seek. For us to read the signs. For us to believe through His creations. God has created these ‘veils’ for a purpose. If He showed His Beauty without a veil, we should not be able to bear it or benefit from it, because we are sustained and strengthened indirectly.

Signs of beauty
Signs of beauty

It is just like the Sun. Could we see the Sun directly? With it we can feel and be benefited in so many ways. In its light, we can move freely, we see and able to differentiate between the good from bad. In it we warn in its heat for comfort and security.

Because of it, flowers bloom and trees blossom. Fruits become ripe and sweet. So many benefits could come to mind. But if the same Sun that brings so many benefits for the purpose of life was to show itself to life, what would become of life? What would become if the Sun would show it’s face to us? Would the flowers bloom and the trees blossom? Would fruits become ripe and sweet again? Or could we move freely? Not only would it destroy us, but literally the whole world would burn up and nothing but emptiness will survive.

When God manifests Himself through a veil to a mountain, the mountain becomes full of trees and flowers, embellished with greenery. But if He were to manifest Himself without a veil, the mountain would be destroyed and reduced to dust.

And when Moses came to the place at Our appointed time and his Lord spoke to him. Moses said: My Lord! show me (Thyself), so that I may look upon Thee.

He said: You cannot (bear to) see Me but look at the mountain, if it remains firm in its place, then will you see Me; but when his Lord manifested His glory to the mountain He reduced it to dust and Moses fell down in a swoon; then when he recovered, he said: Glory be to Thee, I turn to Thee, and I am the first of the believers

– The Quran 7:143

But when left in the darkness the soul will seek out the light. How do we explain this behavior? Like birds when freed from its cage, the seekers soul shall be fulfilled. And then we can truly see how great are the wonders of the heaven and the timeless beauty of the night. Of the beauty of earth and the creatures that dwell on it. Its all signs of the greatness of The Creator.Like light at the end of the tunnel. A soul will only be satisfied in seeking the light. May God guide us who seek to the light. God is the light everlasting.

… and sufficient is your Lord as a Guide and a Helper. – The Quran 23:31

What is it that a seeker seek?Like the sunset answers the call for prayers and surrenders to the beauty of the night. How dawn extinguishes the night. The signs of the Creator. A seeker seeks to open up its soul for light. It is all the seeker’s soul seek.


Author: Idris Mahzan

Grew up in the UK. Studied in Japan. Malaysian at heart.

33 thoughts on “Seeker of the Soul”

  1. 32|9|それからかれ(人間)を均整(きんせい)にし,かれの聖霊(せいれい)を吹き込まれ,またあなたがたのために聴覚(ちょうかかく)と視覚(しかく)と心を授けられた御方(みかた)。あなたがたはほとんど感謝もしない。


    -nice tazkirah. 🙂

  2. Reply for eternity88,
    Thanx for appreciating this entry. I doesnt possess a lot of knowledge but I try to relate it from my point of view.
    Sebenarnye, dulu ade mase bile ase cam diri ni cam kekosongan je. Ase kenapa selalu ase cam jauh je dari yang hati kite cari. It is up to us to seek! Sebenarnye jawapan untuk ape yang kite cari lebih dari yang kite sangkakan kan?
    I’ll try to improve on my way of presenting in the future.I hope you can relate to with what I am trying to say kan.

    reply for Nadia,
    Thank you.=). Hope isi yang nak disampaikan pun tercapai kn? Bile kite merantau or berjalan untuk melihat keindahan alam, kite akan sedar ade banyak ‘signs’ tentang kebesaranNya kn.

    reply for ridzuan,
    Thank you for the translation in Japanese.Nanti boley tunjuk kat kawan2 jepun.Suruh dorang bace.hehe. (walaupun ade jugak kanji yg susah nk bace)
    hope sedikit perkongsian yang cube disampaikan ni dapat difahami dgn baik r kn.

  3. Reply for mrdin,
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that quote. Mendalam betul maksud quote tu kn? Once you accept for who you really are,only then you can be you.The key is to find God within to feed the empty soul.Only then the soul can be satisfied. We just have to look for the signs rite?

    p/s: teringin nak tanye.nape ur link tu man utd?hehe.

  4. Your post this time moved me. Really.
    I was always hoping that i could make a post like this in English but since my vocabs aren’t that good, the hope becomes only a dream. Haha. Enough babbling about that, lets go straight to the point.

    Membaca entri ni, saya teringat satu poem yang kita blajar ms kat sekolah dulu, dari Robert Frost kalau tak silap saya, tajuknya, ‘Road Not Taken’.

    TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Kan? Macam ada kene mengena skitlah ngan entri ni. (Alamak teringat zmn skolah plak bila igt poem ni, isk)

    Allah memang turunkan banyak tanda untuk kita lihat kebesaranNya, tapi seringkali pula hati kita tertutup tidak dapat melihat melainkan bagi orang2 yang mahu berfikir. Kenapa yer? Selagi hati itu ada yang menutup (dosa, maksiat etc.), selagi itulah sukar untuk kita melihat dan berfikir. Wallahua’lam. Dan kerana itu juga kita jarang menjadi hamba-hambaNya yang bersyukur. (Diri sendiri a ni, isk).

    Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?

    O’ Allah, please show us the right path, The path of those whom You have favoured. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those who have gone astray.

    p/s : I like the first paragraph of this entry. Sastera betul, huhu.

    (Is it just me or memang rasa entry ni macam explaination utk tajuk entry ‘Yang lurus itu, kamu tahu jalannya?’ dekat blog saya, ek?) Coincidence, maybe. Apa-apa pun you did a good job, The Dreamer. Entri ni boleh pergi international. Teruskan perjuangan! Yeah! =)

  5. ermm..nk komen ape yer??bile baca entry ni m’buatkn sy terfikir adkh kita b’syukur dgn segala kurniaan yg ALLAH berikn pd kita??mcm tu gak ble ase diri ni cam kosong jer..adkh kita ingt akn ALLAH???sbnryer jwpn tu sudah ade dlm diri kite..cuma kita kena r muhasabah diri.. insyaALLAH..kita akn diberi p’tunjuk..

    p/s:entry ni best sgt..penuh ngan sastera plk tu..sape kata the dreamer xde bakat..pndi the dreamer m’olahknyer(jgn nk bangga plk yer)..

  6. Subhanallah…
    Such a beautiful entry, gripping and haunting. MasyaAllah.

    Macam mana nak cakap ye? Hm..awak membicarakan konsep observing kebesaran dan ciptaan Allah, in such a manner that it become poetic. Uslub bahasa (cewah) yang sangat cantik. Moga usaha awak ni mampu menarik orang untuk memikirkan tentang Pencipta, because we never know..sometime our way of writing and presenting a concept can touch a person’s heart. InsyaAllah.

    Keep on writing!

    dan share la dgn kawan2 Jepun kalau berkemampuan. Ridzuan dah tolong translate dah tu.

  7. dah byk org puji the dreamer ni… hak2.. ap2 pun bes r bace ko punye entry ni.. insaf ble bace.. keep on writing bnde2 cmni.. blh gak aku bace ble lapang2..hak2 (boleh jd ustaz 2…)

  8. Nice job bro. Keep it up. Poetic betul,aku pun terkial-kial nak faham. Haha. You have talent. And it’s in english, so hope to see some comments from people around the world.
    the many comments from viewers makes it worth the while, huh? 🙂

  9. Reply for BaruKisu,
    Thank you for ur compliments.I hope that with the support,I can improve on my writing in the future.InsyaAllah.
    At first I also had doubts if I can write this type of article but I eventually gave it a go.InsyaAllah, I have confidence that u can do it too=). Just have faith in urself ye?I’m sure urs will turn out pretty good.

    Back in school I just read the poem without giving it much thought. When you brought that poem up, suddenly the poem make sense with deep meanings to it kn? The Road not Taken>> you know, I always have this knack of always wondering if I had made the right decisions or was the right path taken in my life.But as you go on living the life with choices that you made, you just have to live with it rite? There’s no use living if u’re looking over ur shoulder everytime is it? It would be better for us to look forward to what life has to offer us rite?

    For me,i’ve experienced first hand, i wondered why I’d felt so empty sometimes.Sometimes even the very thing that I enjoyed most (plying football etc) felt like it was not enjoyable anymore.Its not that I had lost my way, but maybe I looked but just didnt ‘see the real’ HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION that I was looking for.
    May Allah guide us all to keep on the right path.=).

    p/s: At first I had written a different article but that morning I just felt like writing about this. After I had finished writing it, and then I saw ur article about the ‘jalan lurus’ tu. A nice coincidence perhaps. I think this article can provide an explanation to ur entry.

    Reply for ‘Aqilah,
    I dont know what to say to ur compliments.I am happy that the message that I’m trying to say can be acccepted in a good way=).
    Hope this article will be the first of many to come.InsyaAllah. Do share ur thought and views with me ye?
    You know, in school I once recited a poem about Observing and pondering about the creations of God based on our surrounding. Even after reciting it over and over again then, I still could fill the chill( naik bulu roma ) everytime. Its true what they say “SEEING IS BELIEVING” isnt it?
    How I wish I could remember what that poem was like~huhu~

    p/s: before u mentioned about my uslub tu, I didnt realize that is was so poetic. Hope it is not too abstract r kan?

  10. Reply for Fana,
    Yup, sometimes the emptiness dalam diri tu sering buat kite mencari ‘sesuatu’ untuk isikannya. More often than not, we tend to find things that does not bring benefit to us to fill the emptiness inside. We look for fun in danger, we look for enjoyment in pills and clubs. But sometimes what we dont realize is, what we are really searching for is within ourselves.It is the soul that needs feeding. From within a kindred soul only then it can be translated to a peaceful mind and body rite?
    Correct me if I’m wrong ye.Our thought and views are all important.We may think and have many different views, but we have a thing in common is that we all seek to have a peaceful soul that is commonly known as happiness. What we seek is closer than our viens. Hope we’ll find what we seek insyaAllah.

    Reply for batbaros,
    Thank you for the comment. Erm, hope this will inspire not just me but others to write and ponder on God’s Creation selalu. That way, we can become our own ‘ustaz’ in some ways. Bolehlah kite saling ingat memperingati antara satu sama lain kn.Kadang2 kite terlupe akan ‘tujuan’ sebenar kite hidup di dunia ni kn.
    For me we all seekers in our own way. A seeker seeking the right path leading us to the ultimate prize from our God.
    Moga2 waktu kite akan dilapangkan untuk menuntut ilmu Allah kn.

    Reply for y4ku24,
    Hope my english is not too ‘poetic’ though.hehe. Coz for me the important thing is that we can relate to what I’m trying to say with each and everyone of us.
    As I’m new at this,maybe my readers are not that many, but insyaAllah in the future I’ll try to widen my audience to friends all around the world. A BIG DREAM with BIG HOPE but I always stand by this words that say, WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY right?InsyaAllah. Hope we can do our bid in spreading the beaty of Islam to others.

  11. Reply for arryani,
    Salam to u too.=).Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad that u likeeeee the article.Will try to be better in the future insyaAllah.
    Feel free to share ur thoughts as well ye?

    Reply for shah ‘legend’,
    Legends can be passed down from one generation to another.But for me you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.I dont know why, of all the seniors in your batch, you are the one who I missed most.
    I had always worn the ‘no 10’ jersey since my school days.Somehow when we had the same number it created a kind of bond between us. Nway,hope to hear ur stories again soon.
    Hope to see you soon. Take care bro in whatever you do.
    Do drop by again and share with me ye?

  12. Betul..betul..(upin ipin)…kau memang betul…sekarang ini pun remaja Islam diMalaysia kebanyakan tersalah jalan…Kebanyakan diantara
    mereka mengikut kawan-kawan disekeliling mereka…Hendak membuat apa-apapun tidak berfikir panjang..
    Membuang masa dengan membuat perkara
    tidak berfaedah…”DEMI MASA MANUSIA
    ITU KERUGIAN”..Kita hendaklah menasihati sesama kita..Dr membuang
    masa lebih baik buat amal kebajikan..kalau tidak mahu..dr melepak lebih baik menoreh getah…(harga getah skrng ini mahal)…hasil gaji bagi ibu dan ayah merasa sedikt..jangan lokek..YG PENTING DIHARAPKAN ALLAH MEMBERKATI SETIAP PERLAKUAN KITA>>INSYAALLAH…

  13. Salam…
    Mak oii… puitis habis. Kalau BI puitis ni, kak su baca, faham lah jugak. Nak tulis artikel mmg tak mampu rasanya. Mahu tergeliat jari kak su ni. Macam lagu filem lama… ‘Jari-jariku sakit semua, kerna menaip, sepanjang hari…’ Huhu… Penah dgr lagu nih?

    Syukurlah kalau yeh (err… boleh panggil cam ni tak? senang sikit kak su nak ‘membebel’ sbb rasa cam tulis kat anak buah je. hehe)mampu memenuhi rasa kosong tu dgn cara melihat kebesaran Allah. Kekalkan begitu.

    Memangnya rasa kosong yg muncul dlm diri, boleh jadi racun dan boleh juga jadi penawar. Bergantung kepada bagaimana kekosongan itu dipenuhi.

    Teringat ceramah dari sorang ustaz tu… Dia ceritakan bahawasanya Rasulullah pernah menasihatkan seorang sahabat (tak ingat lak namanya), agar jgn lupa berdoa 3 perkara setiap kali selepas solat.
    1. Agar dikekalkan ingatan pada Allah
    2. Agar sentiasa dlm kemahuan utk perbaiki amalan
    3. Agar menjadi hamba yg sentiasa bersyukur.
    Itulah kunci ketenangan dan pengisian hati yg kosong.

    p/s: boleh aja kalau nak link kan blog kak su tu. Nanti kak su linkkan blog ni jugak. Senang kak su nak membebel bila ada peluang. hehe

  14. Reply for DR FADZILAH KAMSAH,
    Hehe.Betul..betul…betul(style upin n ipin gak).Apa yang DR cakap tu memang betul.
    Bukan sahaja remaja,tapi kadang2 sesiapa sahaja pun boleh terpengaruh dengan persekitaran. Sumenye akhirnye bergantung pada kekuatan pegangan kite gak kn? Lagi-lagi kalau hidup di tempat org, mungkin org lain tak nampak ape yang kite wat, tapi ingatlah yg bahawa Allah sentiasa ade wlau dimana kite berada. InsyaAllah, kite selalu diberi petunjuk dariNYA.
    Dengar cite harga getah dah melambung n byk dpt bonus skang?betul ke?
    bolehla belanja TheDreamer juga kan bile?

    Reply for suara,
    salam.hehe.Yeh pun tergeliat jugak jari time tulis ni.hehe.tapi, hopefully isi yang nak disampaikan tu mudah difahami la kn?Erm,yeh tak pernah dengar la lagu tu.dalam filem yang famous ke?
    Time kasih Kak Su atas perkongsian tentang ketenangan dan pegisian hati tu.InsyaAllah yeh akan try amalkn ye. Kadang2 yeh tertanye2 jugak, remaja memang melalui satu masa yang dorang memang akan rase kekosongan ke? sebab kawan2 yeh pun penah cakap juagk pasal ni.

    p/s: Okey,time kasih ye,yeh dah link kn blog Kak Su dah. Silela selalu melawat blog yeh ye.Yeh suke komen Kak Su.

    Reply for cucutokjanggut,
    Salam, sama2 n syukran jazilan jugak utk kamu for dropping by ye.

  15. Untuk merasai kebesaran Tuhan, rasai kekerdilan diri

    Untuk merasai jiwa bertuhan, rasai jiwa kehambaan

    Sesuatu yang terlepas pandang, manusia sering menuntut hak dirinya dengan sesama manusia. Tunaikan hak ku,nescaya ku tunaikan hakmu dikemudiaannya.

    Namun, siapalah diri kita yang layak untuk menerima hak andai Tuhan masih tetap memberi rezeki,rahmat dan hidayahNya, walau hakNya (menunaikan perintah dan meninggalkan larangan)sering kita lupa dan lalaikan.

    Beruntunglah kepada mereka yang meletakkan Allah sebagai pangkal hidupnya.

    p/s:Nice entry Bro, maybe a sweet `smile` atfer the bitter `lesson`.

  16. Itu lagu lama, zaman P.Ramlee kot. Tak pasti. lagu tu dlm dalam filem apa tah. Tapi liriknya tu, saja kak su ubah (menaip=bekerja), sesuaikan dgn keadaan semasa kononnya… keke

    Sesiapapun, akan melalui fasa ‘kekosongan jiwa’, masa remaja akan ada org yg melaluinya, alam dewasa pun sama. Rasa kosong buat diri tak bersemangat, sedih, lemah dan malas. Kak su pun dah berkali-kali alaminya. Mungkin sbb diri ada ketikanya lupa pada kebesaranNya, pada kekuasaanNya, malah selalu buat salah dan dosa.

    Kak su yakin dan amat percaya, semua rasa negatif yg muncul pada ketika tertentu, adalah signal yg Allah berikan untuk menarik kita kembali mendekatkan diri padaNya. Itu tanda Dia sayangkan kita. Kena pandai mengendalikan perasaan sebegini sbb kalau tersalah langkah, kita akan jadi makin jauh… malah mungkin tersesat dari laluanNya. Nauzubillah….

    Kalau Yeh ada masa, baca artikel Tawel untuk mengetahui fenomena yg seiras dgnnya. Al-Fatrah dan When feeling down.

    As usual, komen kak su mmg panjang berjela. Mmg kak su tak reti nak tulis pendek. Kekeke…

  17. betul2 ! sebab tu nadia suka jalan2 actually. Tengok suasana kat tempat tu..tapi luar negara belum lagi 😀

    p/s: I had finished my exam already.lalala*happy mood*.Neway,thanks ya for that wish ! Ontone arigato gozaimasu(aik,betul ke ayat ni?) ^_^

  18. huhuhu
    this is the first time ever
    to make a comment on a person’s blog
    ni pon sbb yeh dgn muka berharap suh komen

    an amazing article
    sbnrnye ayah dr surah al-infithaar tu mmg sgt2 mencucuk jiwa
    byk lh hurai from that verse

    good job yeh
    sbnrnye aku pon bkn reti komen org
    but this article, alhamdulillah, can actually bring people to remember Allah more

    for reminding

  19. Reply for AsadulQalb,

    “Untuk merasai kebesaran Tuhan, rasai kekerdilan diri
    Untuk merasai jiwa bertuhan, rasai jiwa kehambaan”

    kata-kata tu jika dihayati sungguh mendalam maksudnya.The key is to look deep into ourselves first and recess what we have done to deserved our ‘hak’s before we even dare to ask for them.
    May Allah guide us through difficult and good times.

    p/s:lessons are there to be learned. There is no sweetness or bitterness from it.It is whether we accept it and try to learn from it is what most important.

    Reply for suara,
    Thank you for the links ye Kak Su. Yeh really enjoyed reading those article.

    Betul cakap Kak Su tu, bile kite ase diri kite jauh dan terumbang ambing, InsyaAllah Allah akan memberi petunjuk kepada kita untuk kembali ke jalan yang sebenarnya. Kadang2 tu kite dapat petunjuk and rezeki dari tempat yang kita paling tak sangka-sangkakan sekali kn.
    Hopefully kita akan sentiasa dibimbing dan diberi petunjuk olehNya kan.

    p/s:Thanks Kak Su.Yeh sebnarnye suke komen kak Su yg panjang2 tu.

  20. Reply for nadia,
    Hopefully ur exams went well r kn?
    erm,insyaAllah one day u’ll get ur chance to go and see the beauty of Allah’s creations outside Malaysia too.
    Seeing is believing rite?

    p/s: belajar bahasa jepun jugak ke?terer je.hehe. >jawapan utk tu…doumo =).

    Reply for mar,
    I feel honored to be the first article that u have ever commented.(muka berharap tu dah bertukar jadi senyuman).hehe.
    Nway,thanks ye for commenting and hopefully u’ll drop by again selalu ye?hehe.
    Hopefully through this article it can “open our eyes and unlock our hearts” to accept the greatness of God Himself.

    p/s:teringin nak pegi egypt one day…dah penah masuk dlm piramid tu ke ek?hehe.

    Reply for pendekar,
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    thank you for dropping by.Feel free to visit this blog again ye.
    InsyaAllah,moga kita sama-sama dalam mengukuhkan lagi cinta kita kepadaNya.There’s still a lot to be learned and a lot to be understood.May we be in His guidance always.InsyaAllah.
    Salam ukhuwah.

    p/s: I think ur blog is great!InsyaAllah i’ll try to drop by selalu.

  21. Seeking God is a human nature

    Allah says:

    “And when My servants question thee concerning Me,then surely I am nigh.I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me.So let them hear My call and let them trust in Me,in order that they may be led aright” (Sura al-Baqara:186)

    Good article btw

  22. wah wah meriahnya sini
    hmm..sasuga encik idris..
    anda mmg ada bakat menulis!
    keep on writing bro
    kalu sudi jenguk2 la jugak blog aku no
    belagak ang noh!

  23. Reply for Frank Hasan,
    Thank you for the compliment n ur comment=).

    That verse that u quoted sums my article. Seeking God is as u say a human nature.
    In times in winter’s snowy day or summer’s sunshine days we need Him to guide us through. Because if dont seek, if we dont comply to our nature, we might fail to see the end of our journey. We tend to lose focus and forget what is the real purpose of our life.
    May our lives be worthwhile and fulfill it purposes.

    Reply for amir5656,
    wah wah. selamat datang ke blog ni. Terase meriah bile anda semua mengunjung.
    Btw, aku selalu je menjenguk kat blog ang. Cite pasal lori doraemon tu.hehe. keje part time pun kena ber’comel’ ke?

    InsyaAllah I’ll keep writing. I’ve written a few articles for my next entry but havent really got the chance to put the finishing touches yet.huhu. Will do it in due time insyaAllah.

    p/s: terasa sedih plak snow dah turun kat sini. Dah plan nak anjurkan kejohanan bola kat sini. Hurm, adakah keadaan akan izinkan? menanti, menunggu dan berharap.
    Yuki oh Yuki turunlah lambat sket ye?

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